My Family Needs A House
Please help us get one
I am a single mom of 3 kids. I have unfortunately been unemployed for a couple years. I have also been trying to get a house but unemployed and getting a house do not go together. I need a house in the islands so my kids do not need to change schools. I have seen the 3 room with garage homes for sale but do not have any way to get one. If your a lender or an owner of a house who will help me get into one that I can call my own(not rent) I can start my own business(which I cant do in a small apartment). If there is an organization that can help, please I need it for me and my 3 kids. I have always had my rent and major bills paid. I would have house payments for less than my rent with more space. Or if there is just a kind hearted person or organization that can give me a house, just because I need one. I have not had a dizaster to have one given to me. Just regular bad luck and a strugle to get back on my feet because of the economy. email me or call me if you can help or know where.
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1300 W. Warner Rd.
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